It is easy for things to take a wrong turn when it comes to kitchen design. Some ideas that look great on paper may be unrealistic to implement or not-so-good in real life. We always recommend seeking the help of a professional designer to ensure all your design plans come to life seamlessly. Whether you are building a new home or remodeling an old one, you can get some modern cabinets Sacramento for the perfect kitchen look. And, below we have some of the most common kitchen design mistakes you should avoid. 

Neglecting Kitchen Work Triangle

The kitchen work triangle covers the sink, refrigerator, and stove, the strongholds of any kitchen. This space provides an efficient and comfortable working area in the kitchen. Often, the kitchen triangle components should be placed 4 and 9 feet from one another, with an overall covered area of 13 and 26 feet. Additionally, you should incorporate clear paths between every workstation to maximize the workspace.


You are likely to develop new ideas along the way that interfere with your well-allocated kitchen remodel funds. These new ideas can hurt your wallet and cause unnecessary headache. For this reason, we advise that you stick to the original budget as firmly as possible to smoothen the operation.

Prioritizing Main Features More Than the Rest

Every feature in kitchen remodel is vital. And while they might look unimportant and inconsiderable, tiny features add magic to the big picture. They ultimately add to the success of the remodel. So, proper planning is vital in your project. Consider everything from kitchen wall fillers and toe kicks to cabinet’s crown molding.

Forgetting Corners

Corner spaces are often considered “dead space” and the most neglected areas in any kitchen. But with fixtures like a blind base and lazy Susan cabinetries, you can transform your kitchen corner into a useful storage space. Using these in your kitchen zooms critical items within your reach.

Focusing Less on Storage

The plan of your kitchen layout should prioritize activities you perform frequently. That means if you rarely use a particular item, you should put it somewhere in the store. For instance, you might rarely use your electric mixer. Therefore, storing it in a bridge cabinet over the stove is a better idea. And if you’re a cook that frequently needs access to smaller items like cookware, consider using a utility cabinet or a kitchen pantry.

Using Wrong Measurements

It’s typical for consumers to encounter measurement mistakes. For this reason, it’s crucial that you check more than twice to ascertain measurements. Also, for an additional insurance policy, consider buying a couple of extra filler pieces.

Putting Price Over Quality When Choosing Cabinets

While you will find low-priced cabinets at big chain stores like Lowes and Home Depot, they are often low quality. They are made of MDF and particle boards- materials that are not meant to last or look great. Given that you’ll be relying on your cabinet for years to come, consider choosing quality regardless of price.

Strive to avoid the listed mistakes to the best ability during your kitchen remodel. If you need expert help for your kitchen remodel, visit Sacramento Custom Cabinets Installation – Gamma Cabinetry – (916) 312-4015.

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