Bathroom Remodeling


Bathroom Remodeling

What is the best way to remodel or refurbish your bathroom? Sometimes, people order for specific parameters and design preferences, but in most cases, they just end up at furniture stores, spending more than a lifetime in both time and money. We offer you an option that is much more convenient. Gamma Designs allows you to invite experts over to your house to have an in-home consultation. We will create a personalized design for your bathroom remodeling project quickly and effectively without the need for you to leave your home.

New cabinets for your bathroom

We are able to provide you with each and every piece of cabinetry for your new bathroom. Not only that, but we will be glad to install the sink as well as pedestal legs to support it.

When designing, we will take into account your persona along with your daily routine. Things to consider are how often you have a bath, how long you take showers, whether you require a jacuzzi or not, and your children’s age. We will personally design all of the cabinets, bathroom vanities, sinks, and wardrobes. Essentially, we want to make the bathroom that is right for you and your family as a whole.

Custom cabinet styling

Don’t hesitate if all you need is just one or two new pieces of furniture for your bathroom. Regardless, you still have to make sure they are a good fit with your current bathroom arrangement. That is where we come in. We will not only measure your bathroom furniture dimensions in a precise manner, but also ensure new pieces complement the style of the others perfectly.

You may count on the fact that our professionals will always reach the highest level of style harmony and cohesiveness while completing the work in a timely manner.

Material safety

We pay a great deal of attention to the material our bathroom cabinetry is made from due to the large exposure of the furniture to moisture and temperature changes in that particular area throughout the day. We advise our clients to use Medium-Density Fiberboard material as it is moisture-proof and allows designing more complex forms.

It is the first material that comes to mind when we expect to custom craft convex facades. As a rule, we coat our MDF cabinetry with peeled veneer or lacquer to protect the furniture even more given the circumstances.

Our custom bathroom cabinets will bring you confidence and energy on early mornings, relaxation and comfort on late nights, and freedom along with coziness on the weekends. Give it a shot and give us a call, let us start the custom bathroom remodeling of your life!

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