Taking accurate measurements of your kitchen space is quite essential when choosing contemporary cabinets Sacramento. Apart from helping you decide on the specifications of kitchen appliances or cabinets to purchase. It also helps you in picking the perfect place to install the cabinets or appliances. 

Often, kitchen designers take into consideration half-inch scales. This half-inch on a designer’s ruler equates to one foot or 12 inches of the actual floor space.

How To Measure Your Kitchen Space

Measuring a kitchen space can successfully be executed by a kitchen designer or by yourself. All you need to do is to follow a few steps.

  • Step 1: Start by measuring from the left to the right-hand side of the room. Make sure to take down all the measurements in inches.
  • Step 2: Revisit the left side. This time, measure to the end of the door or the window openings. 
  • Step 3: Take the measurements of the windows and doors from one outer edge to another. Put into consideration how the door swings.
  • Step 4: Keep measuring all windows and doors in this same way. Move from the wall to the right corner of the room.
  • Step 5: Re-examine the second step’s measurements to the fourth step and sum it up. The results should tally with the total wall measurement for the first step. If there is a difference, that means there has been a mistake in your calculations. 
  • Step 6: Go back to the left-hand side of the kitchen, take the measurements from there to the center of any water drains, gas lines, water lines, electrical switches, or any electrical outlets. Keep doing this till you reach the right corner. Any obstructing appliance should be pushed to the sides.
  • Step 7: Do not forget to measure each switch or outlet from the center to the ground.
  • Step 8: Again, cross-examine these measurements. See that the amount total correlates with what you have in the first step. If it differs, you must reevaluate before continuing.
  • Step 9: Measure the overall door height. Make sure to consider the molding of the door. 
  • Step 10: Write down the measure from the windowsill’s lower end to the ground. This should be done for all windows. 
  • Step 11: Likewise, take the measurements of the bottom windowsill to the molding top.
  • Step 12: Measure the top of the window to the ceiling level.
  • Step 13: Note down the distance of the ground to the ceiling level. Take into consideration the beams and soffits measurement. 
  • Step 14: Confirm that measurements recorded from Steps 10,11, and 12 amount to the inches recorded in the 13th step. If not, recalculate. 
  • Step 15: Redo Steps 1 to 14 for all walls in the kitchen.
  • Step 16: Measure all appliances currently in the kitchen that will be reinstalled in the new kitchen. In case a new set of appliances will be installed. It is advisable to seek the manufacturer’s specifications before you design your new kitchen.

Finally, it would be best if you examined the width of all entryways and doorways. This is to know for sure if the existing appliances and cabinets can be removed and replaced easily. 

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