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Kitchen Cabinetry: Why It Should Be the Focus of Your Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen cabinets are a feature that most people notice after walking into your living area, especially when your house has an open-plan design. These enclosures take up a big chunk of your cooking area, and upgrading them is the ultimate way to improve your kitchen’s appeal. That’s why even the pickiest homeowners among us hire a professional custom cabinet maker

Here’s why the cabinets should be the number one thing to renovate in your next kitchen upgrade.

Custom Cabinets Can Be a Feature in Your Home

You have a lot of options when it comes to custom cabinetry. It is possible to pick a picture from Pinterest, show it to your builder, and have the cabinets in your home one week later. The handyperson will also have lots of designs you can choose from, depending on your budget. And the beauty of having custom cabinetry is the durability you get. Usually, the cabinet maker puts in a little more effort to justify the extra money.

It Is Easier to Build and Design Around Your Cabinetry

Listen, there is no point in placing a brand new marble countertop on old cabinetry. You would rather spend the money on the cabinets then do a concrete countertop to finish the job. In the end, the result will be more dramatic than just changing the countertop.

The same principle applies to other parts of the kitchen. For example, you can’t plan for flooring until you know where all your appliances will go. And that’s why you want to start with the cabinetry plan before doing anything else. However, some houses don’t have many design options, mostly because of the electrical and water fixture placement. Changing those calls for a bigger budget, and you don’t always have that.

Cabinetry Is the Key to Kitchen Functionality

When remodeling your kitchen, aesthetics are not your only concern. You also want the kitchen to be practical. For example, the space between the floor cabinets and the island should not be less than 3 feet. Still, you might want to go bigger, especially if you and your partner cook together. 

The cabinet maker knows this and will usually use this information when planning the design. It is also a good idea to ask for the final design to make sure it aligns with your goals and desires.

Kitchen Cabinets Increase the Value of Your Home

Custom cabinetry can increase the value of your home considerably. It can also make an older home more appealing to a buyer. In fact, most real estate brokers include kitchen features in their listings for this very reason. Metropolitan Area, USA expert knows exactly how to do drawer boxes and kitchen cabinets refinishing effectively. This is especially true if the house has marble countertops, beautiful pendant lights, and a tasteful cabinet design.

However, you will need an experienced cabinet maker to pull this project off, and that’s where Gamma Cabinets comes in. Our expert handymen can create any design you want, and we also have great ideas to choose from. Feel free to visit for more information.

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