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How Long Does It Take To Install Custom Cabinetry?

Kitchen renovations take time, especially if you plan on addressing all the little details. In some cases, you may need to dedicate as much as 8 weeks to the project before completion. Custom cabinetry on its own can take anywhere between 2 and 7 days for complete installation. The overall timeline for the project isn’t set in stone. If you are planning a kitchen remodeling project that’ll include a custom cabinetry installation, below are some of the factors that affect the installation time according to an experienced custom cabinet maker.

Extent Of Customization

One of the biggest factors that’ll affect the timeline for your kitchen cabinet installation project is the extent of its customization. If you are interested in customized doors, uniquely shaped units, and rare countertops, you may have to dedicate a little more time for the project to be completed. You should always remember that waiting a few more days for the project to be perfectly done offers more advantages.

The Size Of Your Kitchen

The kitchen size can also affect the project completion timeline. The bigger the kitchen, the more days the custom cabinet maker will need to complete the project. Larger kitchens will require more cabinets and this may significantly add to the time taken to complete the project. However, larger kitchens with fewer cabinet requirements may be completed earlier.

The Scope Of The Project

The overall kitchen remodeling project and its scope can also affect the custom cabinetry installation timeline. For example, if your dream kitchen has an island with electrical outlets and a sink in it, the scope of the project is a lot wider than a regular island with a bare surface. The cabinet maker may have to rely on other professionals to complete their job before completing theirs. This can also influence the project completion timeline.

The Condition Of Your Home

Older homes often need more time to work on. Cabinet makers may find problems with the walls and floors. There may also be problems with plumbing installations and other fixtures. Before work is started, they need to ensure that those errors are fixed to prevent future problems. The time taken to fix those problems may contribute to the overall time taken for the custom cabinet to be fully installed.

Materials Used And Factory Location

There are many different materials on the market to choose from for your kitchen remodeling needs. Locally available materials are easy to source and will significantly reduce the time taken for the installation. However, exotic and imported materials may take some more time before they are delivered. The custom cabinet maker may also need additional time to prepare the materials before they are finally used. The ordering, delivery, and preparation times can lengthen the project timeline.

Modifications Along The Way

Sometimes property owners may wish to make modifications to their custom cabinets mid-project. These modifications take time and can affect the project’s timeline. Some modifications may require the custom cabinet maker to start the project afresh. Others may require little tweaks here and there. To avoid this, it is best to have a clear view of what you want and communicate those needs clearly to your custom cabinet maker.

Installation Company’s Expertise

The choice of your custom cabinet maker can also affect the project’s duration. Experienced companies with large staff may complete the project in a fraction of the time it’ll take a smaller company. You may need to discuss the estimated installation timeline with the installer before hiring them.

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