How It Works

First step

For the very first step, of course you must touch base with us whether by phone call or filling in a request form.

When you do, please be sure to name the service you want done, whether it is the construction of one cabinet, a set of cabinets, wardrobe refacing, a brand new kitchen or a remodeled bathroom design.

Do not hesitate to contact our highly professional office staff who will ask you some initial questions to understand your needs.

In-home consultation

On the scheduled date, our representative will pay you a visit to look over the area of interest, execute required measurements, show you pictures of previous Gamma Designs projects, and share his vision for your own.

Together you will go through catalogs of materials, colors, shapes and other options to select the most suitable solutions. When selecting certain items, our expert will explain the reasons to use each piece, their shape, and color pattern. As soon as the initial points are agreed on, our expert will draw up a sketch design for you to approve.


Before starting production, our team members may visit you one more time to make sure the final design meets your space and style requirements. Then production will commence and may take up to 6 weeks depending on the project size.

Kitchen or bathroom remodeling involves checking and double-checking of the cabinets before the test assembly and painting or coating if applicable. Our production team will do their best to complete the manufacturing phase on time.


Two days before we are ready to go, our office staff will call you to set the date and time for installation. On the date, the Gamma Designs assembly team delivers all the units, carefully unloading and unpacking them. When installing, we use only modern and top of the line tools to enable the precise fitting of the cabinetry, sinks, flooring, appliances, etc.

As soon as installation is complete, we pack our tools and auxiliary equipment, clean the premises, take pictures of the successfully implemented project and get the client’s signature of satisfaction.


The Gamma Designs team is always happy to have a follow-up with our clients. We understand how crucial it is to ensure our customers’ satisfaction and inspect for the possibility of irregularities arising for reasons beyond the company’s or client’s control.

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