Kitchen worktops are one of the critical parts of a kitchen as they provide space for various cooking activities. The best kitchen worktops are typically stylish, practical, and made of sturdy material. If you need a classy and durable worktop, you can check out Gamma Cabinetry. They expertly design cabinets Sacramento at affordable prices. Considering the various cooking activities that worktops are used for, they need to be made of tough material such as quartz and granite. In this post, we show you the advantages of both materials.

Benefits Of Quartz Worktops

The following are some of the positive traits of quartz worktops:

1. Aesthetic features

The worktop is an important part of the kitchen space. It needs to stand out. With a quartz worktop, there’s a tremendous visual appeal. They can be customized to display certain effects, and this raises the aesthetic standards of your kitchen.

2. Highly durable

Worktops generally absorb a lot of rough handling. And so, you don’t want a worktop that’s going to distort when a bit of pressure is applied. Quartz worktops have excellent durability properties, as they retain their effectiveness for a long time.

3. Not vulnerable to scratches

Some materials appear great only in the first few days, but when the worktop takes some beating, the glossiness starts to fade away. Many people prefer quartz worktops because they are excellent against scratches. They can retain their polished appearance for a long time.

4. Easy to maintenance

Some materials can be tough to keep clean, especially if the worktop hasn’t been cleaned in a while. These materials are typically high maintenance. But quartz worktops can be easily maintained. You can keep them clean by just dabbing with cloth dipped in warm soapy water.

5. Eco friendly

Quartz is eco-friendly since the material composing it comes straight from the earth. Additionally, quartz is non-toxic and pathogen-resistant hence making it a great kitchen worktop surface 

Benefits Of Granite Worktops

The following are some of the reasons why some people like granite worktops:

1. Easy to clean

The kitchen is one of the areas where high standards of hygiene need to be maintained. But what is it like to clean a granite worktop? It takes no special effort to make the granite worktop spotless. You can clean by just wiping the surface with a damp cloth.

2. Affordable

If you’re going for a granite worktop, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Granite worktops are reasonably priced, and they offer great value for your money. The lifespan of a granite worktop is pegged at 30 years, which is a sufficiently long time.

3. Highly unique

Every homeowner wants their rooms to appear exquisite. You can spice up the kitchen aesthetics by using a granite worktop. Flat, polished granite is particularly appealing, and it enhances the beauty of a kitchen.

Worktops are an excellent kitchen feature. They can be made of diverse materials and designs. If you need a worktop installed or replaced, you can contact Gamma Cabinetry by visiting


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